Crunchie vs twilight

Crunchie is attracted to someone she can’t be with-nazi boy. He watch’s crunchie sleep and stalkers her in macdonalds. PINKY loves her but she’s not interested. Nazi boy don’t sleep. PINKY like werewolfs. PINKY gives crunchie his jackets to keep her warm. Crunchie jumps of trampolines backwards and faints getting saved by PINKY. Nazi boy leaves for germany. PINKY without his meds is very dangerous. PINKY cuts his hair. Crunchie only lives with her mum. Nazi boy is adopted. Pigeon park the volturi. Crunchie agrees to be a vampire. She doesn’t want to get married. Crunchie has Nazi boy’s baby and PINKY falls in love with the baby. Problem solved. PARTY!!!


Meet the girls then the tranny

Blonde Sandwich- Hey guy’s this is me, the baywatch lifeguard. All the guys die for me. Its a good thing I know CPR 😉 JOSH Crunchie the Cat- I have fluffy hair, crunchie obsessed. I hate ponies…Kill the ponies! Don’t hate-appreciate. PINKY

Ziggles-My horse is amazing. Give it a lick it tastes just like fanta.  Chad MacHann- cats are life plus the duck. Too smart for my own good. Long hair is mine. Got any grapes.

Snap- midget army of awesome. Multi colour hair is life. Gods of death love apples.

Firks-your breasts are like mountains. Aka sex therapists.

The tranny- was a girl now a boy. Reporting for duty sir. I’m trans male. I draw ponies and work cex!